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Ahmad O. , Ahmadini Abdullah A. H. , Ahmad M. NONUNIFORM SUPER WAVELETS IN L^2 (K)
Downloads: 275
Alb Lupas A. Subordination results for a fractional integral operator
Downloads: 12
Argyros I. K., George S. , Argyros C. A ball comparison between extended modified Jarratt methods under the same set of conditions for solving equations and systems of equations
Downloads: 262
Choudhury Binayak S. , Metiya Nikhilesh , Kundu Sunirmal A multivalued fixed point result with associated data dependece and stability study
Downloads: 10
Swamy S. R., Yalçın S. Coefficient bounds for regular and bi-univalent functions linked with Gegenbauer polynomials
Downloads: 14